Inviting rooms to rent in Kamionki (Owl Mountains):

- two-level

- two-room
In the area of the property there is trout fishery and a barbecue space.


Our house is picturesquely located at the foot of Owl Mountains surrounded by beautiful hills and woods. Staying with us will give you great relaxation, so that you can breathe fresh air, and delight in silence.

Warm and family climate is guaranteed. You cannot get bored here with us; there are cycle routes, hiking trails, and we can recommend  snow frenzy enthusiasts to use a ski lift on Przelecz Jugowska (Jugowska Pass) located only several kilometres away.

In spring there are exciting and unforgettable experiences thanks to the annual ELMOT rally.


And if you want to have some more fun in the winter time, ski lifts in Rzeczka are what we recommend.

Hikers are free to take advantage of many trails – there you can encounter wildlife of woods –deer, mouflons, wide boars are not the only tourist attraction of our surroundings.  You must visit us to see more.


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With longer stays you can get big discounts!!!

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